Kinomics accelarating biosensors

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Welcome at Kinomics!
Kinomics defined beneficial, unique add-ons for affinity-based biosensors.
You apply affinity biosensors in kinetics and concentration assays?

· However, your biosensor is too slow?
· The sample throughput could be higher?
· Samples and chips are spoiled by regenerations?
· Titrations take too long, don't give access to kinetics, or
  are said to be impossible at all with standard biosensors?
· Classic evaluations take an endless time and are too laborious?
· You don't really trust the results due to unknown self-consistency?

Kinomics speeds up your biosensor!

Kinomics is particularly dedicated to saving time and material in
biomolecular interaction analysis by means of affinity biosensors.

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Final settlement with GE Healthcare
Multi-Step Kinetics (MSK) patents issued

New Inhibition-in-Solution Assay from Kinomics